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Nuts, Seeds & Oils

Nuts, Seeds & Oils

Having good fats in your diet is essential for optimum health and especially to maintain a healthy heart.

Here we have a selection of healthy nuts, seeds and oils all of which have been prepared with great care so you get the most nutritional value from them, and you are rest assured you are getting high quality fats in your diet. All our nuts are activated so that your body can easily absorb the nutrients from them,allowing you to get the most health benefits and making them easier to digest.

Our oils and seeds have been produced with care and minimal processing.

The nuts make a great on the go snack for everyone and are particularly beneficial for those following a vegetarian diet to ensure they get proteins and good quality fats into their diet. There are so many ways to use nuts, including raw pie crusts, making nut milks, or just eating them as they are.

Seeds also have many health benefits and can be added to a whole variety of dishes as they are versatile and add texture and flavour to salads, stir-frys, added into your cereal, or yoghurt and mixed in with your own trail mix.

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